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Five ways to cozy up your room/apartment for winter

How nice would it be to have a beautiful and cosy room/apartment on these dark and cold days? We don’t know about you, but with these days our moods are going down a bit. However, if you make your home super cozy for winter it will brighten your mood immediately. Here are our tips!


With this easy way to decorate, you can easily change the whole vibe in your apartment. By putting candles in your apartment you will transform your cold apartment to a warm, cozy space to relax. If you want to get a bit creative, you can even make your own twisted candles. See a tutorial here.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights almost create the same vibe as candles. With these cute twinkling lights which you can drape on everywhere (over your headboard from your bed, desk or on your balcony) you have this cozy vibe in no-time.

Warm blankets

Drape a warm blanket over your sofa. While you chill you can easily grab your blanket and get cozy. It’s not only practical, it also gives a super comfy and warm appearance.

Add textiles (with different textures)

Add some extra textiles in your home. Think about that extra warm blanket we’ve already talked about. But also a cozy bathroom rug, a rug in your bedroom, maybe some new curtains or pillows and update your bedding. By adding some different textures you can make it feel more warm and put-together.

Prep a spot for reading

When it is dark outside, it is easy to get on your sofa and fall asleep while binging a serie. Create an alternative way to spend your time by reading a book. To make it as comfy as possible, create a little spot with a lot of blankets and pillows in combination with a perfect reading light. So grab your warm fuzzy blanket and get comfy with your favorite book!

Extra tip:
DIY: Warm drinks

Make your own pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate. The internet is full of amazing recipes, but we can definitely recommend this one for a pumpkin spice. So snuggle up on your sofa, put on your favorite serie and enjoy your warm drink. Get cozy in no-time!

We are full of new ideas!

If you want to know more about what you can and can not do with decorating in your apartment, please contact us. We want to help you with new ideas on how to cozy up your apartment!

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