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The top 10 best resolutions for 2021 as an expat

As an expat you’re in a unique position. Having the opportunity to live in another country to create new experiences and meet new people, while on the other hand it can be difficult because you can become homesick at any moment. Without being able to go home now at any moment, it can feel lonely. Together with your BRIXX family you can think about New Year’s resolutions as an expat.

Learn the local language

It may seem hard at first, but learning a new language is amazing once you’ve owned it. There are some popular apps that you can help learn a new language. Babbel, Mondly and Mango are some examples. With only 15 minutes a day to study.

Make a vision board with new countries

Go make yourself a vision board with new countries you want to visit. Although we can not travel a lot these days, it will be good to look into the future and dream about which countries you still would like to visit. As an expat it is not a ‘if’ you will travel, but a ‘when’ and ‘where to’.

Visit more smaller towns or cities

If you are traveling a lot, think more about visiting the places where there aren’t many tourists. Since overtourism is a worldwide thing, it is a good thing to support the locals more. They will even appreciate your money and support more.

Travel with more sustainability in mind

With sustainability we don’t mean you can not travel by plane anymore, but think about it wisely. It can mean you won’t use plastic water bottles anymore. Or support a local business instead of large chains. Or use small reusable containers instead of buying travel sized toiletries all the time. By beginning small, you can make a big difference.

Stop procrastinating

If you had goals in mind for this year, but did not achieve them, procrastination and COVID-19 were probably the culprit. Don’t let it stand in your way or let it bring your mood down. But move them to 2021 and just do it.

Spend more time in nature

Stress is a thing we all know, especially for us expats it may have been a stressful time because of COVID-19. By going out in nature more, in comparison by just staying inside would already make a big difference. It is an easy way to reduce your stress and just enjoying some time ‘off’.

Keep a journal

Journaling can help you ease your mind and remember your best moments. As an expat it is likely you travel a lot, so with a journal you can remember those little precious moments.

Call your parents more often

We text often, but it’s easy to forget to call your relatives for a personal talk. By calling them more often you will strengthen your bond and will feel less lonely.

Try that unusual local dish you’ve been ditching

Despite maybe not looking so delicious at first, try that local dish you have been ditching. Travel broadens the mind, so broaden your taste palette too. You never know, you might actually like it too.

Cook more

One of the best ways to save money (which, let’s be real, is a resolution for most of us) is to cook more often with your housemates. Cooking with or for your housemates is a fun way to bond more. It can be surprisingly easy to make some delicious food. Make local recipes to explore more ingredients and flavors.

If you have any questions regarding New Year’s resolutions, please contact us, because we like to help you out!

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